Thursday, November 18, 2010

FOTD: Wet and Wild Limited Collection Palettes Part 1 (The Green/Blue One)

So hey pple!

been a minute because work and life has kept me very busy! ..........nevertheless, here i am and i've came across a bunch of palettes from Wet and Wild, the makeup company that has really took a turn and went from being pretty trashy to pretty classy they have these 6 set quads they came out with awhile ago that were to depict the 7 Sins (Though they only made 4 of the 7 LOL).....and now for the holidays they have 4 MORE and even though they are LITERALLY on my drawer to the right of me if i stand up shift to the right twice and on top.............. im not going to getup to see the name of the one im using in this photo LOL (sorry)

So in this picture here:

Is my look from the blue/green quad...i really enjoyed doing this and i made a video for it but of time to edit it! :( well i will some bit tomorrow so hopefully i can get a chance to fix those up!

So the Pros of these Quads, is that from the first set that they made the product feels GOOD! it's not overly powdery like the first set and some colors have a nice shimmer to them! so as much as i DETESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT SHIMMER EYESHADOWS.....i've grown to love this quad. I actually wore that look to work and SURPRISINGLY i was complimented a bunch!! (i work for a Christian non-profit so i just KNEW someone was going to sit me in a corner and talk conservatively with me lol)

Cons, well...........hmm....nothing i guess for now. i have to go along and see how the quads go before i say i don't like them too much!

So anyways that's that look. Dont need to write down deets cuz it's clearly me using the palette. Oh. and i also used Cloudbound e/s from that Pandemonium Quad from MAC :D you know i love a good white gold highlight.

Also if u hadn't noticed i've went from being a blackhead to a chunky highlight head to a simple brunette. I love the latter. i feel like hot chocolate in hair form :)


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