Thursday, November 18, 2010

FOTD: Wet and Wild Limited Collection Palettes Part 1 (The Green/Blue One)

So hey pple!

been a minute because work and life has kept me very busy! ..........nevertheless, here i am and i've came across a bunch of palettes from Wet and Wild, the makeup company that has really took a turn and went from being pretty trashy to pretty classy they have these 6 set quads they came out with awhile ago that were to depict the 7 Sins (Though they only made 4 of the 7 LOL).....and now for the holidays they have 4 MORE and even though they are LITERALLY on my drawer to the right of me if i stand up shift to the right twice and on top.............. im not going to getup to see the name of the one im using in this photo LOL (sorry)

So in this picture here:

Is my look from the blue/green quad...i really enjoyed doing this and i made a video for it but of time to edit it! :( well i will some bit tomorrow so hopefully i can get a chance to fix those up!

So the Pros of these Quads, is that from the first set that they made the product feels GOOD! it's not overly powdery like the first set and some colors have a nice shimmer to them! so as much as i DETESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT SHIMMER EYESHADOWS.....i've grown to love this quad. I actually wore that look to work and SURPRISINGLY i was complimented a bunch!! (i work for a Christian non-profit so i just KNEW someone was going to sit me in a corner and talk conservatively with me lol)

Cons, well...........hmm....nothing i guess for now. i have to go along and see how the quads go before i say i don't like them too much!

So anyways that's that look. Dont need to write down deets cuz it's clearly me using the palette. Oh. and i also used Cloudbound e/s from that Pandemonium Quad from MAC :D you know i love a good white gold highlight.

Also if u hadn't noticed i've went from being a blackhead to a chunky highlight head to a simple brunette. I love the latter. i feel like hot chocolate in hair form :)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

When the Smoke Clears: FOTD

Good afternoon darlings :)

I've been feening to do a grey makeup look for a minute! i ADORE grey (yes i spell it GREY, not GRAY :p) and i love it in eye makeup...its a really standard color for people to use because it's easy and close to black and silver but i've always had a love for grey....
Today i have on a white tee tho *dead* lol and i wanted to wear a black one but i couldnt find a clean one...but i wanted to give a nice smokey look from a grey aspect on my eyes!

Items used:

Revlon Photoready Foundation in Cappachino
Iman Pressed Power in Earth Medium
Devil Blush (cheeks), MAC
Trace of Gold blush (under eyes for highlight/contour), MAC

NYX Dark Grey e/s
Carbon (MAC) e/s
Maroon Pigment (MAC...mad old school)

Concealer lol
She-Gold lipgloss (MAC)

I wanted a darker lip but im being lazy about looking for one..if i find one and put it on ill showcase it later....

i really need to work on the blend concealer all the way around the eyebrow jawn.


just another really happy about being off and getting ready to start my new job on Tuesday (will blog about that later) but i hope you enjoy the look! im about to go enjoy "Halloween Eve" lol.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Fortress

I wrote this poem one day sitting here thinking about friendships and relationships...sometimes we forget how we have a lot to learn and understand as one than just assuming and give without understanding alone. Has me sitting here thinking about someone special to me and wondering if i can get over the little small things to our bond. I care about him the most-est but i sometimes wonder if he will put in the same effort as i do about his "needs" as i do his. mmhmm.

Hope you enjoy.

PS. my picture is of Danbo! i love that little guy.

The Fortress

they say communication is the gate to happiness, success, and longevity,

.....let us look at our earnings we have upon us...

....enclosed is our fortress, standing high and tall....

....ready to be obtained by those who can withhold the golden key,

a foundation of harmony that we both seek for it's true understanding...

...the gate that we must build together as well stands so far, so tall, but with edges so sharp, quick to wound when threatned, whether visible or not...'s hinges are coated with the sweetest of platinum, shines so bright nobody can ignore, but closer inside it is edged with touches of rust, slowly trying to corrod from the thrist of malnutrition that it has been neglected... we have the lock in our hands, the prize on our mind, but we lack the drive.

Let's come together forget of our past struggles and nurture new and old hopes......

....put your hands with mine, you weld stronger with me.

......gather and combine our strength, so i can mold tigher with you.....

stand together with refreshed trust, and faith, destroy our pains and sorrows as one....

.....for without one we cannot grasp it.

...And without the other, there is no synergy....

let's construct and complete our gate... our fears and be settled; stabilize our work....

......The fortress that we desire is waiting....



Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hey peeps....

So let's sum up October so far in a big short summary.....:OFF THE CHAIN.

Between switching jobs, ending friendships and still trying to maintain in a new city, it's just been really hectic.

The best part of it all is that im driving again but the greater part about that is more driving more problems! lol after having to change my alternator that took another serious financial blow to the pocket but that's the life i live right?


Let's talk makeup. I will probably divuldge into plenty of topics on here but let's stick to makeup for if you know know i love my makeup!! and finally after not having to work at my old job anymore and be in the heat and distressing my makeup lol i can finally wear some looks that i just like and help my eyes stand out.

This picture i took today is the exact way i feel about life right now!:

YASSSSSSSSSSS is all i can say lmao! but mostly that's a lot of "RAWRing" because the amount of pressure, and stress im dealing with...but at the end of the day, hey i guess that's life. it comes with the sweet territory of being me *shrug*.

the items i used for this look:

Revlon PhotoFinish Foundation in Cappachino
Iman Pressed Powder in Earth Medium
Warm Light Highlight powder (MAC)
Raizin Blush(MAC)

Cocomotion Pigment (MAC)
Brown Script e/s (MAC)
Embark E/s (MAC)
Shadowy Lady e/S (MAC)
Smoke Signal Pigment (MAC)
(last two colors are the crease colors obviously lol)

MAC's Hang up Creamsheen lipstick

mmm yup! will post some other pics down here...hope you enjoy!

thanks for reading!!


I should blog more often huh

I promise.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

oh boy....

Oh Gucci how i hate but loveth thee.

I have this song on repeat. Though i hate the colour yellow and lemonade!

.....So how you derwin? :) Thanks for all of my followers, i appreciate the love! hopefully i can get on here and blog more :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Respect Anyone?

Back in 1967, Respect was a hit song for Aretha Franklin and became a signature song for her. Im for sure in 1967 even though this country was in the middle of trying to become integrated in the south at least "Respect" was something that was becoming or basically understood during that time frame.

Of course in '67 i ceased to exist but in my lifetime my understanding and life lessons for respect have been developed, enriched, enhanced and of course remembered and always accepting room for improvement.

But what i really dont understand is how we have lost to have at least SOME type of respect for those we call people who are close to us...friends, family, hell people period.

So today is Christmas and um let me stop to say:


.......anywho so as this day of importance rolls on by i am taking my time of the day and the "Reason of the Season" here comes 2 instances that have occured today...

A) So it's me and my mom today. we take some pics, i make a flyer. I send this picture around to other family members and of course give greetings and love blah blah. So one of my aunts who apparently has a problem with someone OTHER THAN ME, comes and says some slick mess about not tagging her to "stuff like this" :-|

oh really?!? um okay cool but of course there is a place and venue for everything.
Even in my growing up i used to just not give a f*ck. yep i just used to fly off at the mouth, no talk, no speaking out, no regrets. I've pretty much did a 180 from the age of 20 to now 26 and hey it was the best. but today after reading that i almost morphed like a Power Ranger and flipped the page, hell the whole dayum chapter but i had to remind myself 1) Family. 2) Public dont need to see all private matters and 3) Family.

In my mind i have a very pretty vivid picture of what i think family should be like, what they should surround around when it comes to being very dedicated and faithful to one another no matter what they go through. Family ties are stronger than a friendship of course and needs to be held at a high regard just like marriage SHOULD be held. That's another blog for another day. But some people cant see those images and don't want to see them images because they are too stubborn, mad, upset, hot headed, whatever.

So i chose the safe route n i kindly let her know that i was firmly disrespected by what she said and she doesn't even have to be concerned with sharing anything else with her. Though i haven't heard this response yet, im not really worried about it but i am really shocked that again people will flip at any given time for whatever outside emotions they might have, even when they should not be directed towards the person who is receiving it.

and of course my second situation, B) So going to tell you a long story short. I am/was friends with a male who i've known for awhile. we started off with just chatting, until we went out once on a date. Then things slighty heat up but we remain friends bc i was still out on this process where i was getting over my ex. So we just chat, flirt, and of course be friends. Friendship turns up a notch a bit and now friends are doing lots of very helpful things for one another, like coming out of town for meet ups (we lived about an hour away from each other at the time) and just being there for one another when we needed to. So now we're at this point where okay so what's next? We haven't had sex. (this story done turned long smh) and so right after my birthday after explaining to him that i came up to "his" city to eat with my bestie, i dont hear from was the 15th when i had that convo with him.

Not even a peep. no pin drop. nothing. I call, text, bbm, and email him. I see him on this forum we participate on, just a chatting away with giving others comments but nothing towards me. So im like umm okay. It hurts. of course because imma a sensitive summabitch. Something i dont hide from nor do i act like im not. but im more hurt bc..i didnt even give him a reason to act the way he was?? so i was more in a state of confusion!

On the 25th (today of course) he texts me Merry Christmas, with a big hug.

...........:::::::BLANK STARE::::::::..........

now i know that some of you would say "hey at least accept what you got" but i dont really work like that. First of all it' rude to ignore people when you have no reason to. You know it's rude and i know it's rude. There is not another reason for people to be that way and we know that as adults. He is older than me so again something he should be aware of this before IM aware of this okay??

So the text convo goes like this:

Him: (big hug)
Me: um i presume this is a mass text...but thanks n ditto
Him: no i dont do mass um no
Me: oh. well why u texting now if uve been avoiding convo?
Him: Avoid?? Nope...hope u had a good holiday, im stuffed
Me: um okay if someone trynna contact u n u not responding is not avoiding then idk what it is...and this day was good until this convo transpired....
Him: carry on then...
Me: really?? so no answers?? like really okay might not of ruined my whole day but how do u contact someone when after u pull something like that n not have a response for it??
Him: (never responded after i said that lol)
Me: *insert black woman attitude i guess lol*

anyways....shit like that really irks me...people always want to tell you that they are honest, and they will let u know if something is wrong but obviously something was wrong with the 10 days he didnt contact me and then im for sure my "Shot fired" response didnt help that. Well i guess at this point he is not going to contact me no more but what's new. I really believe sometimes God give me different types of people to know how to handle people the way that things end out. And yes i feel some type of way because he was my friend. And i looked at him as a friend even when i was looking for my first response 10 days ago. And i stll do now, but with a touch of the part of me that was attracted to him too.

At the same token i like other people and that's just me to move on partially but not all the way yet (another blog for another day sigh so much to explain to yall) but im still like DAYUM GINA!!


Until people can understand what respect is though, situations like this are going to continue to happen. To as which i guess i will have to deal with until they are all weeded out.

Whatever. :-\